What is MobiMover?

MobiMover is a mobile application for iOS & android devices. MobiMover is quickly becoming a hot tamale in the on-demand service industry. Find customers that need your help with moving, packing, and furniture assembly jobs. The app instantly connects you with local customers looking for your help! Get paid to move any sized home, apartment, or storage unit with a push of a button.

How much does a MobiMover cost to get started?

It’s FREE to get started!

How big can a single move be?

A Move can sometimes be whatever can fit into any size Pickup Truck, Cargo Van or Moving Truck Rentals (One Example: We’ve had up to 10 guys on one job at a time, with 4 separate 26′ U-haul trucks filled).

What hours can I schedule moves?

Movers can schedule jobs Monday – Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday – Sunday from 9am to 8pm.

Do I have to place the furniture inside?

Yes of course! The movers will load and unload your items right where you want them placed – stairs or not! Just let your movers know ahead of time so they can bring the proper equipment.

Will I need to get my own moving materials to protect household items?

All of the movers are recommended to have their own moving blankets and other essential moving materials to ensure the safety on a job site. Please report other movers that show up without the proper moving supplies to support@movebig.co

How do I change or cancel the job I accepted?

You can’t edit the Job, but you can cancel a job if it no longer works with your schedule by going to the Scheduled Job section in the MobiMover app. We allow you to cancel a job at the top right hand of the job page. If a cancellation is made 48 hours before a job is set to begin, additional charges may apply, see our cancellation policy for more details.

When will my customers know that I have arrived?

Your customers will get a notification via their MoveBig app, notifying them of your arrival.

Will I have to take items to the city dump?

NO. At this time, we do not have a way to handle this extra service.

What areas can I cover while moving?

We are currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and San Luis Obispo County. You can see all the cities we service here.

How do I get paid for my Move?

All payments are done within the app. We verify your bank account after you register.

When do I get paid for my Move?

All payments are processed after the job is fulfilled. Payments are made each Friday. All transactions are safety guarded by our processing company.

Do I get charged if I cancel on a Move?

Yes. Everyone’s time is valuable, so we’d like to promote respect for everyones time. Charges are applied for jobs scheduled 48 hours in advance, and for same day moves. See our Cancellation Policy for more details.

Can I schedule multiple Moves in advance?

Of course! Once you accept your first Move, you can keep accepting new move requests as long as they work with your availability. Always double check your schedule first before accepting a job.

Can I get tipped on the job?

Tipping is entirely optional, but if you are going to be tipped, it will be right after your Move is completed. Cash tips are excepted.

How do I speak with the other selected mover(s)?

Once selected, you have the ability to text or call the movers directly about any details or logistics. If you need to work out any details ahead of time, please use the Private Chat feature in the MobiMover app.

Do I have to disassemble/assemble furniture on the job?

A mover is only required to physically move the item from point A to point B. Going above and beyond for your customers is how you build a reputation though. If you want more work, going above and beyond is the way to go.

Do MobiMovers have to move refrigerators, washer & dryers, and other similar appliances?

ONLY if the appliance has completely been unplugged, and removed from the wall, along with any water hoses.

Do I have to transport any of my customer belongings in my truck?

No, not if you do not want to. This is at your own risk, and MobiMovers are not required nor are they recommended to transport goods in their vehicle.