When moving your home or office, the right positioning of stuff and using the right moving supplies can help you make the best use of the available space of your moving truck and save you from making multiple trips back and forth between your old and new home. Moreover, if you are doing things on your own without any help from professional movers, it is important to know how to distribute the weight evenly in the moving truck and to use certain packing techniques to prevent damage to your belongings.

Get the Required Packing Supplies

Before you get on with packing your stuff, save yourself from hassle by getting all the packaging supplies needed like tapes, straps, boxes, plastic bags, bubble-pads and foam pads in advance. This will prevent the damage caused by the urge to wrap up things even when the right packing materials are not available.

Disassemble Your Furniture

Most of modern furniture is held together with bolts and can be easily disassembled. Be it beds, drawers, dining tables or chairs, disassembling them for moving makes it easier to pack and load. Dismantle your beds, dinning table’s legs and remove drawers from the cabinets to make them lighter.

Pack Tightly to Save Space in the Moving Truck

Pack cloths in vacuumed bags or hard-shell suitcases. Use appropriately sized cartons to pack kitchen utensils, electronics and other assorted items. Fill the vacant spaces with bubble wraps, padding and foam to prevent damages. Use strong cartons for heavier items and tape their bottoms strongly.

Load Heavier Items First

Delicate and lighter stuff can receive heavy damages from large and heavy items while loading. Therefore always load the larger and heavier items into the vehicle first – freezers, fridges, dishwashers and washing machines should go in first and should be placed on their legs in upright position. The second to enter the truck should be heavy furniture items like beds, sofas and tables. Bigger furniture items cover more cubic feet in a truck if laid horizontally. To make the best use of the space, position tables, couches, beds and headboards in upright vertical position. Wrap these items with bubble wrap to prevent damages caused by collusion. Moving blankets are also a great product to protect upholstered couches and chairs. Secure everything using ropes or straps. This practice will not only protect your big-ticket items from damage, it will also save smaller items from being crushed by the bigger items.

Distribute Weight Evenly

An important consideration when packing a moving truck is ensuring that the weight is evenly distributed in the moving truck. If you distribute the weight evenly throughout the truck, unloading things in the end will become a piece of cake and will prevent avalanches of boxes falling over when you open the doors of the vehicle. Even distribution of weight also makes it easier to control the vehicle when driving on road. Place all the heavier things towards the truck’s cab and against the walls. Place medium weight items on top of heavier items while the lightest items should be placed on the very top and towards the front side of the truck.