It may be tempting to toss all your shoes into a carton when packing stuff for moving to a new home, however, it not only damages the shoes, but also makes it extremely difficult to unpack and find the right pair when you reach your new home. To prevent tearing smashing, breaking and deforming of your shoes during a move, follow our tips on how to pack your footwear the right way.

Clean Your Footwear
Clean your shoes to remove the dirt and remove any small stones embedded in the soles because remaining dust can harm the delicate leather and rexine most footwear has these days. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to find dirty and unsightly shoes when the stuff is unpacked when you reach your new home.

Dry Them Before You Pack
Moisture trapped in a pair of shoes can cause buildup of mold so all professional packaging experts recommend to air out your footwear in sunlight at least a day before packing them. For work or sport shoes made out of leather, which is more vulnerable to humidity than rexine shoes, it is recommended to go a step further and place some crumpled tissue paper inside the shoes to completely absorb any moisture. Spreading some talcum powder inside the shoes can also work wonders.

Prevent Bad Odor
Bad odor not only makes you uncomfortable, it is also a sign of damage to your shoes as the bacteria will be damaging the shoes inside. A good means to prevent this is placing tea bags in the shoes or spray anti-bacterial mixture or rub a mixture of water and alcohol a day before packing them and then place them in sun for a day to remove bad odors and prevent mold damage.

Stuff Footwear with Crumpled Paper
The worse damage a shoe can receive is deformation of shape so always stuff crumpled paper in your shoes to prevent crushing during your move. Packing paper is indeed the best option, however any sort of clean paper or soft fabric works equally fine to help your shoes hold their shape – never use newspaper though as it has a tendency to leave ugly ink stains on lighter shoes.

Wrap Them With Protective Packaging
Footwear with patent leather and other shiny finishes are prone to scratches and scuffing so it is always recommended to wrap your footwear in bubble wrap or foam wrap which can also protect heels from breaking. A simple piece of thick cloth can work fine as well.