If you’ve been procrastinating on packing, it is highly likely because you are finding it hard to decide on what to pack first when moving your home. Therefore we’ve compiled a list of what to pack first to get you rolling without straining your brain.

Items in Storage

The first things that should be packed are the items that are in your storage rooms. Whether they are dumped in your garage, a storage unit or somewhere in your walk-in closet, these items can be the easiest to pack first as they are most likely to be already packed in cartons or suitcases. A good practice is to take everything out, dispose of what is not needed and try to consolidate the cartons as much as possible. The lesser the boxes you’ll have on move-out day, the easier it would be.

Out-of-Season Clothes

Like items in storage, out-of-season clothing are also likely to be in cartons already, hence they are easy to pack first as well. Moreover, since these cloths won’t be needed to be used for many months, there are no chances of inaccessibility to these cloths disrupting your life till you reach your new home. On the first day of packing, it is good to go forward and get these items out of your way, as it will give you ample packing momentum to handle packing more difficult portions of your home.

China and Other Rarely Used Dishes

You are highly unlikely to host a fancy lunch party during your move. Therefore packing your fine China items first is a good practice. Don’t forget to use some padding in the boxes and clearly label each carton as “fragile”. While you are at it, you might want to move towards packing other cookware and utensils that are used rarely. After all, paper plates are always there if you are ever short of anything.

Remove Artwork and Wall Hangings First When Moving Your Home

Though artwork and wall hangings are a bit tricky to pack, but they are a good point to begin with. Obviously, there is no practical use of wall hangings and artwork as they are mere decorations, so you don’t really need them while you are moving. Moreover there are high chances of you forgetting to pack up your wall hangings when the chaos of move-in day kicks in, so a safe practice is to pack them soonest possible.

Any and All Knick-Knacks 

Though knick-knacks may be an important part of your life, you have to pack them first when moving. Procrastinating over packing these tiny items, can lead to chaos in the last moment as these small items scattered throughout the house can often overwhelm you. Whether it is a memento or crystal decoration pieces, make these things your priority when packing.


You are not likely to find any time for reading when moving your home so getting them out of the way can relieve you a lot of burden. Also, they don’t need any extra packing materials like paddings or covers to pack, so you can begin with assorted cartons already available at home.