There are a lot of moving company apps that have focused on a moving company in a specific place. However, it is not always easy to book a moving company because they also have their own limitations. This limitation is where our system comes in.

With a vision of allowing any business minded individual to have their own moving company and using the latest on-demand technology, a new system of moving is born.

MoveBig is proud to present our Mover app, MobiMover… the latest innovation in moving that can caters to any individual and any potential moving company owner.

The system is simple: Our app allows you to start your own moving company for FREE! Just start referring your friends, and build your team through our mobile app!

On our mover-partner side, we allow each and every one of them to create their own team, build their own system, and basically be the boss of every aspect of their team.

If you are interested in being one of our movers, you need to set your business apart.

In order to do just that, we allow our potential movers to join a launch event before creating their own team. These launch events not only allow the movers to get to know each other but it also introduces them to the rest of the community.

With that, the following are some of the information that clients should know before they join any of the MobiMover Launch Event.

  • Packaging Services – Can the company that you envision provide packers that can help families or individuals moving in or is it an extra service?
  • Moving Company Quotes – How much does the service cost? Does the company provide quotes by the hour or is it a whole day rental service kind of agreement? Attending your MobiMover Launch Event is easier when done with the right vision that an individual has for his team.
  • Moving Company Reviews – It is important to read about reviews and see to it that the team would copy the good and improve on the bad reviews from already established moving companies.

The information above are just basic. Any other questions will be answered in succeeding articles.

However, if you are ready to jump on the horse and begin your journey as a mover, download the app, sign up, join a launch party, and become your own boss today!