Reading moving company reviews is not enough for one to make a decision about the costs of moving. There are so many factors that could affect an individual’s decision as to whether or not it is necessary to hire a service.  

If you are looking for a moving company and a set of movers that you can trust, you need to know the pricing of all other options and you also need to see just how much extra mile other teams are willing to give to their clientele.

With that, it is important for individuals to have an on-demand moving company app where users are able to get the best pricing and movers are able to give the right costs.

In terms of costing, the most common question is how much a moving company charges? The answer is always it depends.

  • If the move is from a one bedroom apartment, the cost depends on a per hour basis.  The usual rate is $100 per hour for two movers and a truck. For these types of moves, the rate is often at $300-$400 depending on the total number of hours.
  • There are extra costs for other services such as packing services, storage, and packing supplies. The movement of the workers up and down the stairs as well as elevator carries.

The moving company charges vary from service to service but at least with MobiMover it is easier to find the best moving company that could provide the best service.