Any experienced moving company would tell you that the hardest things to packed are glasses. Glasses are fragile and once a piece is chipped off of it, there would be no coming back.

With that, there are some professional tips that every moving company use when they are moving glass.

  • Do not be afraid to buy packing materials. Packing should not be something that you would skimp on. Hence, you should be ready to use the right materials and purchase the good ones. The materials that you would need are bubble wrap, newsprint, towels, packing paper and soft material.
  • Prepare the medium sized box. Do not buy large ones because you would need to put as much cushion as possible. Place packing paper or newsprint to the box.
  • Wrap each piece of glass separately. Again, moving companies do not skimp on their packing services so if you plan to do the packing yourself, you must not skimp as well. Wrap the glass materials separately before placing them on the box.
  • Place the glass on top of each other making sure that the heaviest are placed at the bottom of the box.
  • Leave room at the top of the box and add packing paper of newsprint again.
  • Close up the box and put fragile as well as an indication on which part is the top and which part is the bottom.bottom.

Now that you know some tips coming directly from movers, if you think that you cannot do it yourself, you can also hire a moving company and get their extra packing services.