Hiring can be a pain. There are so many formalities that can already be dispensed with that individuals still use. The crazy thing is that those who aim to be hired or get hired are also pressured by the same system.

Here at MobiMover the goal is to get rid of the awkward interviews and the small talk that comes with those conversations. The goal is to allow our potential partners to have fun, have small talk, and enjoy the rest of their days. This part is where MobiMover’s Launch events come to play.

We get it. It can be pretty intimidating to be in a room and be part of a panel interview. We also get that dressing up for a 10 minute interview can be such a waste. The middle ground is simple: get the potential partners to join a moving company party.

We do not only provide a moving company app which can help individuals move from one State to another and another to earn a little more, we get rid of the awkward conversations altogether.

Every individual knows just how awkward interviews can be. Every individual knows how to lose a potential client just because of a failed interview. Here at MobiMover, as a pioneer moving company app provider, our goal is to create lasting partnerships that could help individuals get the most out of their time and energy.

If you are looking for a new venture, you should check out our massive hiring event and see how you can become a part of our fleet of rental trucks, moving companies, and also have your own team.