Things to do in San Luis Obispo, CA

Fun Activities

They’re not going to the World Series anytime soon, but SLO Blues Baseball, a summer collegiate wooden baseball club (since 1946!), offers summertime entertainment June through August.

The farmers’ market draws crowds from as far as LA and SF for some of the best fruits and vegetables in the country, as well as various craft goods and street performances. It’s a great time for the whole family!

Places to See

San Luis Obispo is also famous for the Nine Sisters, or Morros, a stunning string of volcanic peaks stretching from Morro Bay across San Luis Obispo.

Five of the Nine Sisters have hiking trails: Black Hill, Cerro Cabrillo, Bishop Peak, Cerro San Luis, and Islay Hill (and you can take a walk up the beach to Morro Rock). Bishop Peak is the tallest of the Morros at 1,559 feet, and is a must-do hike for anyone in the region

Hiking in San Luis Obispo, CA

Other hikes around San Luis Obispo: including Montaña de Oro State Park and Morro Bay State Park, two gems on the California coast.

Places to Discover in San Luis Obispo, CA

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Range in the heart of wine country, San Luis Obispo is a popular, laid back place to enjoy California coastal lifestyle. With fantastic weather and a great quality of life, it’s surprising everyone hasn’t move to SLO. Check out these fun attractions SLO has to offer.

Bubblegum Ally

The famous Bubblegum Ally. Enjoy 20 meters of ABC gum in the 700 block of Higuera Street downtown. Slocals love it, because it’s a testament to the city’s oddball population


The Beaches. San Luis Obispo is central to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Try Cayucos for an incredible view, Pismo Beach for a surf lesson, Morro Bay for some relaxing family time, and Avila Beach for a beautiful boardwalk and even more beautiful sunset.

Fun Facts

Affectionately referred to as “Slo” by its natives, “Slocals” are known for their laid back lifestyle. Don’t expect that latte in under five minutes.

San Luis Obispo is home to over 280 wineries. Known for its Burgundian varietals, including Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, SLO is a wine-lover’s paradise.

Places to Stay

There are plenty of places to stay around SLO, and theres no better place to settle down.

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